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Brandi streams .mp3 audio at 192 kbps. This strikes a comprimise between data consumption and audio quality. Compared to other services: A Spotify desktop web player streams at 160kbps and is considered "high quality". A standard Beats Music account streams at only 64kbps. Pandora accounts are 64kbps, 128kbps and up to 192kbps.
Consumer versions of music services do not allow use in a commericial environment. You could pay licensing agencies, however that chore comes with paying multiple agencies and filing reports. Brandi Music will provide better quality, no interruptions or ads, and profanity-free music choices.
No. Live performances are licensed separately through the Performance Rights Organziations.
Yes. You can play light music in the waiting room and pop favorites in the office space, for example. As long as both of these streams are at the same street address, you will only pay a small "zone" fee for any and all additional streams.
Yes. Brandi Music works on many devices, as long as you can play http streaming .mp3 audio. Just open a browser and sign in to your account. Note, however, that browsers are not a reliable source for ongoing background music, as they require updates and refreshes. Sounds from your devices such as notifications (or phone calls) can interrupt the music. After your 14-day free trial, we recommend a streaming audio device provided by Brandi Music.
Yes. Brandi makes a great solution for music on hold. The licenses Brandi pays on your behalf cover phone-on-hold music.